A Beautiful World by Grandma Moses

What’s in a Title

Unlike this woman who goes by the title

Grandma, some of us never became one

but we still have the years so maybe

we are entitled to her title too.

Unlike children, time is an equal

opportunity employer. I like

the Asian way all their old women

are their aunts or grandmothers.

They know how to address time.

Here in our disrespectful country

we kill off our old women and men

in nursing homes (a misnomer if ever

there was one) and then when some

pandemic comes along it gets rid

of all but the more recalcitrant ones.

It’s the culture, it’s said, this obsession

with youth. So to make amends

those in charge of our culture

take one old woman who has never

painted a self portrait in her life,

honor her and title her work

primitive, folk art.