Ghost Walk Under Infinite Darkness by Andrew K. Erdos

             For Jennie                  

Blue Period

As you approach, there is the suggestion of a fish

bowl but instead of round, the exhibit is square.

Deep in an ocean trench where only blue light

penetrates and all the other wavelengths are lost

blue fish are mounted on blue block-like bottles.

Mirrors create images and more images until

the cube is filled with bottle parts, necks, shoulders

bodies, knobs, and oh, the reflections, just so much blue. 

The impression of walking fish is not by accident

implying they may be evolving, looking for land.

My own image appears in the background, a woman

shrouded in blue, watching, trying to understand 

“the human heart in conflict with itself” or perhaps

it is the place where primitive life began

in the deep dark chemistry of blue. 

Quote from William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize speech, 1949